Text Box: Six-way Power:  Angle and Tilt

Year-round Use: Dirt and Snow

14  Industrial and Agricultural Models to choose from:  5 ft. – 12 ft.
Text Box: Move Mountains…
                    or Make them.

Blades 8 ft. and larger furnished with cross-port relief valve.

Ruggedly built, tubular design for industrial use as well as in landscaping,  construction, and on the farm.  Ideally suited for road building, snow removal, backfilling ditches, leveling of all types, barnyard cleaning and dairy clean up.

BoDozer  loader mounted blade eliminates driving over the work before you can move it.  Excellent visibility.  No more stiff necks from looking back.  Allows you to pile snow, dirt, wood waste or manure as high as your loader will safely allow.

Text Box: Quick Attach mounts available 
for most loaders.
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Hydraulic Six-way Angle and Tilt Blade

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